What Unpredictability Indicates With Suggestions from Roulette and Other Game

Within the internet casino world, or any kind of betting for instance, you will discover two words that outline your money management techniques. Those words are the house benefits in the game and the unpredictability. We’re planning to concentrate on the unpredictability. This is with regards to how allocated the winnings are of any presented game. You will discover some excellent examples of this in European roulette due to the fact each of the payment rates of most of the potential bets are identical, but the unpredictability of those bets is usually a lot different.


To start, let us check a wager on red. For this wager, a sum of 18 numbers win and 19 numbers lose, so you will have a casino game that’s not likely to have specifically long successful or losing lines when you just use these bets. On the other hand, you are able to match it up to a straight-up wager in the exact game. In this scenario, 36 numbers drop and just one wins. Even so, the winnings have been modified to ensure that you’ll be getting the same regular house advantage using this considerably more unpredictable bet. As you’re able to notice, the unpredictability would transform your money management recommendations due to the fact you’re planning to be a much more controlled by streaks within the second kind of bet.

The fundamental concept is that the greater the unpredictability, the greater of a support you require with regards to the number of wagers you use. So when you have a $100 bill, producing $1 wagers with a reduced unpredictability means you should make bets in the array of $0.25 with a high unpredictability to manage the same chance of ruin. It is certainly about matching up movements and risk limit and ensuring that the two fit somehow that is practical.

So assume you’re a slot machines fan. Whenever you enjoy games with high volatilities like modern slots with couple of reduced or moderate winnings, you will need to modify your bet size to become lesser than if you enjoy games having a lower unpredictability such as video slots which have a more sensible payment schedule.

Craps: Are side bets a good bet?

Most beginners to craps are familiar only with the pass line and the call bets. And that’s for the best. You don’t want to complicate things until you have a basic knowledge of what everything means, and where things are on the field, etc… After you get the hang of that, though, the next logical step is to consider side bets. The six, the eight, the nine…are these worth your money in terms of risk return? It’s a great question that all craps players should ask themselves.

And, of course, the answer is solely determined by how risky of a gambler you choose to be. But given that craps has the lowest disadvantage against the house of any casino game, newcomers are probably there to play it safe and make a few bucks.

One side of things (pardon the pun) is that players will only bet on the 8 and the 9, believing that they have the highest probability of being rolled next to the seven. Sound reasoning, and like any casino game where money is at stake – especially one where the control of the result is completely out of your hands – probability has to play a huge factor in how you go about setting your wagers.


Another group will play the side bets at random. No pattern, just like – as they’d say – the dice themselves. The minimal strategy behind this is that at times it can raise your overall odds of seeing a return. They’ll be the first to admit is less science and more fun, but those are the people who won’t scream too loud or cry too hard at the craps table. They’re usually the ones laughing at the other people.

But they can’t disagree that knowing the odds helps in the decision-making process. So let’s run through that for everyone by listing the different possible ways of rolling each number from 1 through 12. It’s basic stuff, but it always helps to have it down for quick reference if needed. After all, everyone has to start with the basics. I’ll list the combinations and then in parenthesis show them in numbers as they’d appear of the dice. Read more

Slots Tips

Here are the top 5 slots tips every new or experienced player should know. By taking full advantage of these tips, slots will be a lot more enjoyable of an experience.

  • Choose safety first. This is among the most important tips. Slots can be fun, but they should also be a safe experience. Before signing up for online casinos, make sure they hold valid licenses and use certified means for your online transactions. If you are not comfortable giving your debit or credit card number online, choose a site, which allows e-wallets or other similar deposit methods, such as Paysafe or Paypal.


  • Set your budget. Before you even begin to play, you need to have the correct intentions. That is, making fun your number one priority. Everything else is an added bonus to the game. Don’t place unrealistic expectations on your bets. Know how much you can afford to play with and potentially lose. Trust your gut and use your common sense. In addition, stretch out your bets so that they last longer. Remember that with most slots games, the more reels you play, the higher the chance that you might hit that jackpot.
  • Trust your luck. There might be people out there, which claim that they hold the “secret” to winning in online slots. The Internet is abundant in slots tips. However, trusting your luck is one of the best tips. Slots are a luck-based game. There are no techniques or tricks. Slot machines are straightforward for the most part and, best of all, they are all programmed to turn out random reels.
  • Make the best out of casino bonus offers. This is one of the most valuable slots tips to follow in order to maximise your chances to win. Most casino games offer bonuses. We suggest that you get yourself familiar with these bonus schemes, as they might sometimes be useful when you are after a big jackpot. Therefore, do your research and get to know all conditions that apply. Bonus shemes might include sign-up bonuses, deposit match-ups, double-ups and other incentives. Sign-up bonuses are paid to new members only.Therefore, it might be a good idea to sign up for more than one trusted online casinos to take advantage of each individual bonus. These are usually given after you place your first deposit. The casino might also choose to match up your first, second –and even up to fifth – deposit. Be wise when you use the free cash that you are offered. Don’t just place it all on one bet. Use it to explore different games to see which one you might like best. The more games you get to know, the more enjoyable your experience will be. Other bonuses offer limited-time free spins. These are also there for you to explore a wide variety of slots.
  • Chase the wins, not the losses. If you are going through a phase where you have been scoring repeated wins on a particular slots game, you may choose to increase your bets to take advantage. If, however, you seem to be continuously losing at a slots game, lower your bets or switch to a different game. Don’t try to compensate for or recover the money you have already lost.

Video Pokies

What Are Video Pokies?

Due to their increased popularity, many speculate that the next big thing in the world of online casinos is the variety of video pokies Australia has to offer. Almost all casinos have a wide selection of video pokie games.

Unlike classic pokies, which, as we already discussed, have three reels and one winning line, video pokies typically have better, brighter graphics and five reels that offer multiple winning options. For most classic pokies with three reels, the player wins if and only if they hit a winning combination in the middle line. Some newer machines may offer winnings in up to nine different combinations. But these winning chances are very limiting when compared to the world of five-reel video pokie. Australia has online casinos that may pay in up to 1024 ways per hit! Therefore, with more lines and more winning combinations, video pokies have a serious competitive advantage before classic pokies.

Video Pokies

In addition to maximising your chances of success through a higher number of winning combinations, most online video pokies Australia offers let you win back at least a portion of your bet with each spin. How does that work? It’s simple. If you bet 30 coins on all 30 lines of the game, and three matching symbols fall in one line, then you might win back a small portion of your initial 30-coin bet. This flexibility allows you to place more bets and play longer. As a comparison, most classic pokies are all-or-nothing games, meaning that you either win all your money back, or you lose them all. This advantage of video pokie games makes them a favourite among pros and novices alike.

And last, but not least, most video pokies offer attractive bonuses. They are pre-programmed in such a way that when players spin a certain combination of different symbols, they get money back.

Are Video Pokies Safe?

Just like their classic counterparts, video pokies are a safe way to have fun. All your payment transactions go through sophisticated encryption technology, which protects your data from hackers and possible identity theft.

Can You Increase Your Odds of Winning?

Unfortunately, much like classic and free pokies, video pokies aren’t predictable. There is no set strategy to tell whether the game or the reel you choose can bring in the moolah. Some pokie enthusiasts argue that video pokie games go through “hot” and “cold” cycles, during which they either give out money more easily or keep the cash in. Some speculations even go as far as to state that you can predict when your game is on a roll and keep placing bets on it, and when it’s cold and move to another game.

To this, we suggest you use your common sense. You never know when the video pokie game will let the cash out, so consistency may pay off. On the other hand, if you see that a game is continuously taking your money and not paying out, don’t be stubborn and just sit there hoping to compensate for your losses. Change the game. You’ll have more fun and you might just win some money to go with it.

Baccarat bankroll management strategies

Players are always looking for quick and easy ways to strike it lucky. Who wouldn’t want a full proof strategy that would minimize the risk and guarantee one life-altering sums? Sadly the world of online gambling doesn’t work like that. And for no casino game is that truer than baccarat.

The best a player can do is hope lady luck is on his/her side and invest in a thoroughly thought-out bankroll management strategy. While this may not necessarily increase a player’s chances of winning it will ensure that a player leaves the baccarat table with his/her dignity and wallet intact.

When it comes to games like baccarat a player doesn’t have too much control over the game’s outcome. What a player can control, however, is how the player chooses to bet as well as how much the player chooses to bet. For many the issue of what kind of bet to place is often far simpler than deciding on the size of the bet.

Baccarat bankroll management

For example, it’s a well-known and an accepted approach to baccarat that a player should always bet on the banker winning. This has overall the highest payout and therefore solves the issue of what kind of bet to place.

The question of how much to bet is far more complicated, however. Players need to carefully calculate how much they have to bet in each round and how to use that money for the duration of the round. This is no simple task.

The important thing is that a player uses the available bankroll in such a way that the bankroll is enough to play as many rounds as the player initially set out to play. Players who calculate their bankroll accordingly will also find that they are able to maximize the available bankroll they have.

To help players effectively manage their bankroll, some online casinos give players the option to see vital information about their game such as the number of hands played, the session time that has elapsed as well as the hands played per hour. This information is useful for players when trying to calculate whether to increase or decrease the size of the bets.

There are also games such as High Limit Baccarat, a Microgaming game, which gives a player the option to play a few free practice rounds. These free rounds will give a player a sense of how much they should bet each hand. If an online casino gives a player this option, s/he should consider it, as playing some free practice rounds can give a player some useful insight into how to manage bankroll effectively. Read more

Player loyalty reaps rewards

When you first look into playing casino games online, you’ll see that there are lots of different casino bonuses to cash in on. This is because the competition amongst sites to win over new players is high and the sites rely on a certain amount of player apathy when it comes to changing to a new casino site once you’ve signed up to one.

The welcome bonuses are usually fairly similar. Most casino sites will match or double the amount that a player first deposits – up to a certain limit, of course. Some do better than that. For example, if you decide to play slot games at 32Red, you’ll get £32 for every £10 that you put into your account on your initial deposit. That’s more than trebling your initial stake, not bad when you haven’t even placed a bet!

Image by: http://www.flickr.com/people/59937401@N07/

Image by: http://www.flickr.com/people/59937401@N07/

So why don’t people just sign up to a number of casino sites in order to cash in on the bonus multiple times? Well, this kind of tactic – known as casino whoring – is possible. There’s nothing to stop you from doing this; you can join as many sites as you like. But by doing so, you stand to miss out on further bonuses and promotions that a site reserves for loyal players. Every site has its own loyalty reward scheme, where you earn points each time you play. When you’ve accumulated a certain number of points you can trade these in for free spins or other bonuses. So for this reason, it’s a good idea to play consistently at one site.

In order to choose which site that is, you can shop around, playing in demo or fun mode on a number of sites before you put any money down. You’ll also find that many sites now offer a no-deposit bonus where you get a limited amount of casino credit to play real cash games in return for signing up as a player and registering a debit or credit card. Crucially, though, you don’t have to put any of your own money in.

Things to consider when comparing casinos go beyond the bonus. Think about the quality of the graphics and the usability of the site. Is it easy to find your way around and how easy is it to access the cashier and withdraw funds when you want to? Also check out the variety of games on offer. You may be a slots fan, but what about if you want to broaden the type of gaming that you do? Check out the table games selection and whether there are other game types like lotto and keno. If one site contains all the games that you’re likely to enjoy playing, you’ll rack up loyalty points quicker than if you have to go to different sites for different games.

Every site has its own player loyalty scheme and different terms and conditions for using loyalty points. Some will allow you to turn points into cash credit for example, while others allow you to enter prize draws. When choosing which site to play casino games on, check out the loyalty scheme as well as the initial welcome bonus.

Scatter Your Casino Time Or You’re Gonna Be Bored

Let’s face it — playing gambling games can be exciting, but there comes a point where boredom really sets in again. As much as you hate to see boredom make its appearance again, you know that it’s inevitable. That’s just the way our human minds are wired. If we don’t get enough challenge, enough stimulation and enough adventure we’re going to start feeling restless again. Instead of flipping out about everything that’s broken, it’s time to start getting excited about everything that can do wonderfully right.

The casino world has more than just a few games. You will have bingo, keno, spades, slots, instant win scratchers, poker, blackjack, baccarat, and plenty of other games. There are tons of casino games out there, so why limit yourself?

playing gambling games

Don’t forget the forums that are at just about every casino. These are great social groups that really let you step back and enjoy the other side of the game. Do you want to improve your skills over time? If so, you have to give this a chance. You have to make sure that you’re spreading out your time amongst different games. And if you start feeling disconnected, making new friends that have the same passion that you do tends to make this easier.

We all have different stresses in life. We know all about stress, given how busy our jobs and families keep us. But you need to make sure that you set aside time for you. In fact, this is one of the top regrets that people have in life. They get to a point where they really look back and wish that they had taken more time to just enjoy everything that life had for them instead of running around. Sometimes you just need to give yourself a little peace rather than getting all worked up about what everyone concerns themselves with. That’s just the way it works.

Now is the time to seize happiness for you, in any way that you can. Going online to the casino is nice because there’s nowhere to go to. There’s no long trip in the car, and you don’t have to give up your paycheck at the fueling station. You can just enjoy the best casino games right form home.

Of course, if you did want to enjoy time out of the house, you can still take all of your casino fun with you. It’s just a matter of setting up the fun on your phone. Mobile gambling is huge, and it’s only going to get bigger over time. Why not check it all out today, while it’s still on your mind? Good luck!

Roulette Inspires All Sorts of Games

For more than three centuries, people have enjoyed playing the betting game roulette. It originated in Paris, as the name derived from French suggests. However, the roulette game is now played in casinos all over the world. The basics of the game involve a wheel or table split into numbered sections. Players place a bet that a ball will land on a specific number, a combination or numbers or a color.

Over the years, roulette has evolved. The game now has 38 numbered pockets in the American Verizon, while the French version has one less pocket. The French version lacks the 00 pocket, which the American version of roulette includes. A variety of house rules also makes for different experiences during gameplay for fans.


A less-common version if the German Bauernroulette, which uses a wooden board and was once enjoyed by peasants rather than the aristocracy. It’s simpler than the French counterpart. In this unique take on the game, balls are placed on the board, which has pockets. Rounds begin when a spinning top moves around the board in an attempt to push the balls into the various holes. Eight holes in the center are known as bowls, while four larger cutouts on either corner are known as hollows. Players earn points by pushing the balls into the bowls and hollows.

This version doesn’t require betting. Instead, the color and position allots points, the follows provide the most points, and participants will play until they reach an agreed upon point value. Games commonly end at 1,000 points, but the game is flexible for players who want to play longer or who don’t have as much time to play. Playing for points rather than money makes Bauernroulette more accessible to a wider audience, which is why it became popular.

In the modern age, some people only know roulette as a shot drinking game, while others have only played virtual versions like the one available on Virgin Games. While players might be sitting at their computers, they’ll feel like they’re in the middle of a casino or playing with friends. For example, 3D Roulette puts a player in front of the table and wheel, allowing them to make the traditional roulette bets. Animation and bright colors help players feel like they’re in the middle of a game.

Virgingames.com’s 3D Roulette allows bets from .10 to 500 pounds, and players can make bet one, two or more numbers. Odd numbers, even numbers, and column bets are also available on this online game, so players will never grow bored of playing roulette. These wagers pay out real money to players who have made a deposit to Virgin Games. Roulette is one game that’s easy enough to learn while playing, so even newbies can have fun while placing bets, proving that roulette truly is a fun timel

The basics of Loose Aggressive poker strategy

The internet is awash with websites, which offers you invaluable advice on different strategies that improve your chances of winning Texas Hold’em. However, one of the most volatile playing tactics has to be the Loose Aggressive, or LAG style.

Players who employ a LAG tactic will play loosely during the starting hand selection, before becoming more aggressive during the post-flop betting. This allows you to play a large range of starting hands in the hope of outperforming your fellow players after the flop.

The LAG style, although effective when used right, is dependent on two variables during the poker game. These are your position and the tendencies of your opponents. Regardless of your post-flop skills, playing a mediocre hand out of position is likely to end in disaster. This tactic will therefore generally yield the best results when used against weaker players, who overvalue their starting hands when the community cards have been revealed.

Loose Aggressive poker strategy

Players using the LAG strategy will rely heavily on the value of fold equity. Raising in position with a weak hand will likely help you to pick up the blind. Many websites like, onlinepokergenius.org stress that your position pre and post-flop needs to be considered when you are deciding whether you want to try pick up the blinds with a weak hand.

Playing a LAG strategy may also help you outplay your opponents post-flop to make them fold a good hand, or could even see you pick up a strong hand on the turn or river in order to win the pot.

In addition to this, LAG players are also able to play premium hands profitably, as they have a much better chance of getting large pots on strong hands than players who employ Tight Aggressive strategies (TAG).

LAG does have its challenges. Maximising value on a large range of starting hands can be very difficult. Therefore, LAG is not recommended for players only just starting out on their poker education.

You must have a good understanding of pot and implied pot odds in order to successfully use LAG strategies. You will need to play speculative hands in multi-way posts, or raise pre-flop first. Be aware that you will have to adjust after the flop, estimating the fold equity and showdown value of your hand. Showdown value can be achieved by obtaining correct pot odds, and the potential fold equity is based on your read of opponents playing in the pot.

It is also important to identify when a LAG strategy will work best. Assessing if and when you can get a player to fold in certain situations is very important. This tactic can prove ineffective, for example if you are playing passive calling stations, where you are only able to push showdown edges.

Playing LAG against fellow LAG players should be avoided, as more aggressive opponents with strong post-flop skills could take a major beating on your bankroll.

When practising LAG Texas Hold’em, stick to Heads Up Sit & Go tournaments or 6-max cash games. Here you will automatically be forced to loosen your pre-flop starting hand-range, which is good practice for improving LAG performance. Also, try to stick to no more than two tables simultaneously, as you will be required to pay close attention to table reads and image.


5 Greatest Poker Players of All Time

Nowadays with the upswing of online poker and many poker rooms like Pokermira offering impressive starting bonuses, poker has become attractive to a whole host of players with different backgrounds and styles of play. Over the years there have been a great number of players that have really stood out from the crowd due to their skills and their outstanding abilities to play poker. So let’s take a look at some of the greatest online and live poker players of all time.

Stu Ungar

Stu Ungar

This talented poker wizard was born in the city of New York, and was gifted with a razor-sharp mind and a remarkable ability to read the game. He applied his talents not only to poker but also to a number of other games that enabled him to earn millions in his lifetime. He was even banned from playing in a number of casinos as a result of his amazing skills. In 1980, Ungar became the youngest player ever to win the WSOP and was nicknamed “the kid” due to his age. Ungar died young, however regardless of this his name remains an important one in the world poker.

Chip Reese

Chip Reese

Reese discovered his poker skills by chance when he stopped in Las Vegas for a weekend with a modest sum of money. After that he moved to Sin City in the mid 1970s and quickly made a name for himself as a talented and very successful poker player. He went on to win two WSOP bracelets and enjoyed a great deal of success at H.O.R.S.E. He was welcomed into the poker hall of fame at the age of forty and he is still considered as one of the greatest players in history of poker.

Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey

Ivey is a fairly new addition to the professional world of poker but has already demonstrated a remarkable ability as a young and talented poker player. He began playing in the 1990’s in Atlantic City and quickly became one of the few poker stars to be able to succeed in large cash games both live and online. In the year 2000 Ivey won his first WSOP bracelet and has since added seven more to his impressive tally. He will most certainly increase his bankroll in the years to come.

Johnny Moss

Johnny Moss

Moss is famous for having established the WSOP as the most celebrated poker extravaganza known to mankind. Throughout his career he won a grand total of nine first place bracelets at the event and became undoubtedly the most successful poker player of the 1970s. Moss came from Texas and moved to Las Vegas in search of excitement and continued to play in tournaments right up until his death in 1995.

Doyle Brunson

Doyle Brunson

Brunson has been famously nicknamed “The Godfather of Poker” due to his spectacular and often unbeatable game. A leg injury ended his future as a basketball player and he went on to become a full time poker star in Vegas and won ten bracelets at the WSOP. Brunson is perhaps the game’s best known face and is considered a true legend within the poker world.