Player loyalty reaps rewards

When you first look into playing casino games online, you’ll see that there are lots of different casino bonuses to cash in on. This is because the competition amongst sites to win over new players is high and the sites rely on a certain amount of player apathy when it comes to changing to a new casino site once you’ve signed up to one.

The welcome bonuses are usually fairly similar. Most casino sites will match or double the amount that a player first deposits – up to a certain limit, of course. Some do better than that. For example, if you decide to play slot games at 32Red, you’ll get £32 for every £10 that you put into your account on your initial deposit. That’s more than trebling your initial stake, not bad when you haven’t even placed a bet!

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So why don’t people just sign up to a number of casino sites in order to cash in on the bonus multiple times? Well, this kind of tactic – known as casino whoring – is possible. There’s nothing to stop you from doing this; you can join as many sites as you like. But by doing so, you stand to miss out on further bonuses and promotions that a site reserves for loyal players. Every site has its own loyalty reward scheme, where you earn points each time you play. When you’ve accumulated a certain number of points you can trade these in for free spins or other bonuses. So for this reason, it’s a good idea to play consistently at one site.

In order to choose which site that is, you can shop around, playing in demo or fun mode on a number of sites before you put any money down. You’ll also find that many sites now offer a no-deposit bonus where you get a limited amount of casino credit to play real cash games in return for signing up as a player and registering a debit or credit card. Crucially, though, you don’t have to put any of your own money in.

Things to consider when comparing casinos go beyond the bonus. Think about the quality of the graphics and the usability of the site. Is it easy to find your way around and how easy is it to access the cashier and withdraw funds when you want to? Also check out the variety of games on offer. You may be a slots fan, but what about if you want to broaden the type of gaming that you do? Check out the table games selection and whether there are other game types like lotto and keno. If one site contains all the games that you’re likely to enjoy playing, you’ll rack up loyalty points quicker than if you have to go to different sites for different games.

Every site has its own player loyalty scheme and different terms and conditions for using loyalty points. Some will allow you to turn points into cash credit for example, while others allow you to enter prize draws. When choosing which site to play casino games on, check out the loyalty scheme as well as the initial welcome bonus.

Scatter Your Casino Time Or You’re Gonna Be Bored

Let’s face it — playing gambling games can be exciting, but there comes a point where boredom really sets in again. As much as you hate to see boredom make its appearance again, you know that it’s inevitable. That’s just the way our human minds are wired. If we don’t get enough challenge, enough stimulation and enough adventure we’re going to start feeling restless again. Instead of flipping out about everything that’s broken, it’s time to start getting excited about everything that can do wonderfully right.

The casino world has more than just a few games. You will have bingo, keno, spades, slots, instant win scratchers, poker, blackjack, baccarat, and plenty of other games. There are tons of casino games out there, so why limit yourself?

playing gambling games

Don’t forget the forums that are at just about every casino. These are great social groups that really let you step back and enjoy the other side of the game. Do you want to improve your skills over time? If so, you have to give this a chance. You have to make sure that you’re spreading out your time amongst different games. And if you start feeling disconnected, making new friends that have the same passion that you do tends to make this easier.

We all have different stresses in life. We know all about stress, given how busy our jobs and families keep us. But you need to make sure that you set aside time for you. In fact, this is one of the top regrets that people have in life. They get to a point where they really look back and wish that they had taken more time to just enjoy everything that life had for them instead of running around. Sometimes you just need to give yourself a little peace rather than getting all worked up about what everyone concerns themselves with. That’s just the way it works.

Now is the time to seize happiness for you, in any way that you can. Going online to the casino is nice because there’s nowhere to go to. There’s no long trip in the car, and you don’t have to give up your paycheck at the fueling station. You can just enjoy the best casino games right form home.

Of course, if you did want to enjoy time out of the house, you can still take all of your casino fun with you. It’s just a matter of setting up the fun on your phone. Mobile gambling is huge, and it’s only going to get bigger over time. Why not check it all out today, while it’s still on your mind? Good luck!

Roulette Inspires All Sorts of Games

For more than three centuries, people have enjoyed playing the betting game roulette. It originated in Paris, as the name derived from French suggests. However, the roulette game is now played in casinos all over the world. The basics of the game involve a wheel or table split into numbered sections. Players place a bet that a ball will land on a specific number, a combination or numbers or a color.

Over the years, roulette has evolved. The game now has 38 numbered pockets in the American Verizon, while the French version has one less pocket. The French version lacks the 00 pocket, which the American version of roulette includes. A variety of house rules also makes for different experiences during gameplay for fans.


A less-common version if the German Bauernroulette, which uses a wooden board and was once enjoyed by peasants rather than the aristocracy. It’s simpler than the French counterpart. In this unique take on the game, balls are placed on the board, which has pockets. Rounds begin when a spinning top moves around the board in an attempt to push the balls into the various holes. Eight holes in the center are known as bowls, while four larger cutouts on either corner are known as hollows. Players earn points by pushing the balls into the bowls and hollows.

This version doesn’t require betting. Instead, the color and position allots points, the follows provide the most points, and participants will play until they reach an agreed upon point value. Games commonly end at 1,000 points, but the game is flexible for players who want to play longer or who don’t have as much time to play. Playing for points rather than money makes Bauernroulette more accessible to a wider audience, which is why it became popular.

In the modern age, some people only know roulette as a shot drinking game, while others have only played virtual versions like the one available on Virgin Games. While players might be sitting at their computers, they’ll feel like they’re in the middle of a casino or playing with friends. For example, 3D Roulette puts a player in front of the table and wheel, allowing them to make the traditional roulette bets. Animation and bright colors help players feel like they’re in the middle of a game.’s 3D Roulette allows bets from .10 to 500 pounds, and players can make bet one, two or more numbers. Odd numbers, even numbers, and column bets are also available on this online game, so players will never grow bored of playing roulette. These wagers pay out real money to players who have made a deposit to Virgin Games. Roulette is one game that’s easy enough to learn while playing, so even newbies can have fun while placing bets, proving that roulette truly is a fun timel

The basics of Loose Aggressive poker strategy

The internet is awash with websites, which offers you invaluable advice on different strategies that improve your chances of winning Texas Hold’em. However, one of the most volatile playing tactics has to be the Loose Aggressive, or LAG style.

Players who employ a LAG tactic will play loosely during the starting hand selection, before becoming more aggressive during the post-flop betting. This allows you to play a large range of starting hands in the hope of outperforming your fellow players after the flop.

The LAG style, although effective when used right, is dependent on two variables during the poker game. These are your position and the tendencies of your opponents. Regardless of your post-flop skills, playing a mediocre hand out of position is likely to end in disaster. This tactic will therefore generally yield the best results when used against weaker players, who overvalue their starting hands when the community cards have been revealed.

Loose Aggressive poker strategy

Players using the LAG strategy will rely heavily on the value of fold equity. Raising in position with a weak hand will likely help you to pick up the blind. Many websites like, stress that your position pre and post-flop needs to be considered when you are deciding whether you want to try pick up the blinds with a weak hand.

Playing a LAG strategy may also help you outplay your opponents post-flop to make them fold a good hand, or could even see you pick up a strong hand on the turn or river in order to win the pot.

In addition to this, LAG players are also able to play premium hands profitably, as they have a much better chance of getting large pots on strong hands than players who employ Tight Aggressive strategies (TAG).

LAG does have its challenges. Maximising value on a large range of starting hands can be very difficult. Therefore, LAG is not recommended for players only just starting out on their poker education.

You must have a good understanding of pot and implied pot odds in order to successfully use LAG strategies. You will need to play speculative hands in multi-way posts, or raise pre-flop first. Be aware that you will have to adjust after the flop, estimating the fold equity and showdown value of your hand. Showdown value can be achieved by obtaining correct pot odds, and the potential fold equity is based on your read of opponents playing in the pot.

It is also important to identify when a LAG strategy will work best. Assessing if and when you can get a player to fold in certain situations is very important. This tactic can prove ineffective, for example if you are playing passive calling stations, where you are only able to push showdown edges.

Playing LAG against fellow LAG players should be avoided, as more aggressive opponents with strong post-flop skills could take a major beating on your bankroll.

When practising LAG Texas Hold’em, stick to Heads Up Sit & Go tournaments or 6-max cash games. Here you will automatically be forced to loosen your pre-flop starting hand-range, which is good practice for improving LAG performance. Also, try to stick to no more than two tables simultaneously, as you will be required to pay close attention to table reads and image.


Magical Vegas has Arrived in Style has a fantastically objective review on this brand new mobile casino site – but we thought we would give you a bit of background before you shoot off and get the full scoop.

Essentially Magical Vegas is like having your own Las Vegas wherever you are. It is brand new on the scene and they have partnered with some pretty major software providers including IGT, Bally Technologies, Eyecon, Microgaming and as it is a Daub Limited brand there are their exclusive games too.

new mobile casino site

For those of you who have enjoyed bingo brands such as Lucky Pants Bingo, Kitty Bingo as well as the casino treat Spin and Win – you will be happy to know that this is from the same people, and it was eagerly awaited by casino fans everywhere.

There is a great incentive to join this brand such as their offer of 20 free slot spins on the popular Starburst game that you will receive without making a deposit. There is then up to £1,000 free available with their welcome package on your first three deposits. Something that you won’t find on any other brand is also the chance to scoop a trip to Las Vegas every single day. There is also the chance to bag free spins, free chips and extra bonuses – so they don’t scrimp on the promotions.

As mentioned it’s a Daub Limited brand, which means that you can play on slots that aren’t available anywhere else such as Grease where you can encounter all your favourite characters that you know and love. There are lots of classic ones too like Siberian Storm, Pixies of the Forest, Jack and the Beanstalk and more. There is also instant games, scratch cards, and even a live casino to get to grip with. Check out to find out more.

5 Greatest Poker Players of All Time

Nowadays with the upswing of online poker and many poker rooms like Pokermira offering impressive starting bonuses, poker has become attractive to a whole host of players with different backgrounds and styles of play. Over the years there have been a great number of players that have really stood out from the crowd due to their skills and their outstanding abilities to play poker. So let’s take a look at some of the greatest online and live poker players of all time.

Stu Ungar

Stu Ungar

This talented poker wizard was born in the city of New York, and was gifted with a razor-sharp mind and a remarkable ability to read the game. He applied his talents not only to poker but also to a number of other games that enabled him to earn millions in his lifetime. He was even banned from playing in a number of casinos as a result of his amazing skills. In 1980, Ungar became the youngest player ever to win the WSOP and was nicknamed “the kid” due to his age. Ungar died young, however regardless of this his name remains an important one in the world poker.

Chip Reese

Chip Reese

Reese discovered his poker skills by chance when he stopped in Las Vegas for a weekend with a modest sum of money. After that he moved to Sin City in the mid 1970s and quickly made a name for himself as a talented and very successful poker player. He went on to win two WSOP bracelets and enjoyed a great deal of success at H.O.R.S.E. He was welcomed into the poker hall of fame at the age of forty and he is still considered as one of the greatest players in history of poker.

Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey

Ivey is a fairly new addition to the professional world of poker but has already demonstrated a remarkable ability as a young and talented poker player. He began playing in the 1990’s in Atlantic City and quickly became one of the few poker stars to be able to succeed in large cash games both live and online. In the year 2000 Ivey won his first WSOP bracelet and has since added seven more to his impressive tally. He will most certainly increase his bankroll in the years to come.

Johnny Moss

Johnny Moss

Moss is famous for having established the WSOP as the most celebrated poker extravaganza known to mankind. Throughout his career he won a grand total of nine first place bracelets at the event and became undoubtedly the most successful poker player of the 1970s. Moss came from Texas and moved to Las Vegas in search of excitement and continued to play in tournaments right up until his death in 1995.

Doyle Brunson

Doyle Brunson

Brunson has been famously nicknamed “The Godfather of Poker” due to his spectacular and often unbeatable game. A leg injury ended his future as a basketball player and he went on to become a full time poker star in Vegas and won ten bracelets at the WSOP. Brunson is perhaps the game’s best known face and is considered a true legend within the poker world.

Rules of Casino War in online casinos for UK players

If you are into simple casino games, then Casino War in online casinos for UK players is exactly what you are looking for. You probably remember the game called ‘Battle’ that we all used to play being kids? Well, Casino War is basically the very same game that requires only one talent- an ability to count. Detailed description of the rules of this easy game with differences employed in various online casinos is offered below.

The whole game starts once you place a wager. Both you and a dealer will be dealt one card face up. Every card in a standard 52 cards deck has its own value. 2 is the lowest card and Ace is the highest ranked card with a value of 14. If your card is higher than a dealer’s card, then you win a certain payout. If your card is lower, then you consequently lose your entry fee. However, the most fascinating part of Casino War online starts when both you and a dealer have cards of the same ranks. For example, you both have Kings. Such a situation is called a tie. Tie situation is regulated with different rules depending on which casino software you are playing. Cryptologic and Microgaming software has a different set of rules than online casinos for UK players powered by Vegas Technology and RTG, for instance.

Rules of Casino War

In Cryptologic and Microgaming internet casinos players can place not only the ante bet but also an independent tie bet. Independent tie bet pays 10 to 1 in a situation when both your and a dealer’s first card is of the same rank. Once a tie situation is registered, a player is to make an important choice. He can go to war or surrender. The surrender alternative lets you get the half of your ante wager back without placing any additional bets. If you decide to go to war, then you will have to raise the bet by doubling the ante wager. Once you double the bet, both you and a dealer is dealt the second card after burning three cards in a deck. If the player wins on the 2nd card, then the payout is 2 to 1 on the ante wager while the raise wager is pushed.

As for the edges of various options in Casino War in Microgaming and Cryptologic online casinos for UK players, casino edge for a tie bet is about 18% that’s quite a lot actually. Surrender option includes 3,7% of casino edge while raising option is slightly more profitable- just 2,9% edge.

Considering the high casino edge of tie bets, some online casinos don’t offer such an option for gamblers. For example, RTG and Vegas Technology Casino War games are peculiar for the absence of a tie bet option. That can hardly be called a disadvantage though, as this bet is the less profitable for online casino players. Another interesting difference in the bets and payouts is that gambler receives a payout equal to the ante wager after the 1st tie. The payout doesn’t depend on whether you win because you had a second card of a higher value or there was another tie in a row.

Simple rules, dynamic game play and multi-hands opportunity- that’s what gives Casino War offered in online casinos for UK players its irresistible attraction!

Flopping Middle Pair

In Texas Hold’em, flopping top pair is a great position to be in. You have matched the top card that was on the board and have a very good chance to win the pot. However, if you flop middle pair, it is advised that you make your decisions carefully.

You still have a solid chance at winning the round, but there are many combinations, which can beat you easily. If you have flopped middle-pair, the best thing you can do is to play with your head, not your heart, and make the smartest poker decisions.

When you have flopped middle pair, the best thing to do is to analyze what cards are on the table and if your pair is relatively low, pair of 3’s-7’s, you may want to fold as there is a great chance you will lose the hand. Also, if there are many people playing in the round or there are multiple “high cards”, such as kings, queens, aces, and jacks, it is often advised not to beat heavily on a middle pair.

Further, the more people playing in the round, the better the chances are that you will be defeated in the round.

We advise that you only bet heavily on a middle-pair when your pair is high relative to the other cards on the board.

Secondly, make sure that you do not loose too much money when playing the middle-pair. Sure you may win some money, especially if the other player is bluffing, but regardless you want to save the vast majority of your chips for the rounds where you have a great hand and a very high chance of winning the hand.

Going “All-In” on a Middle-Pair hand is not the smartest idea and we strongly recommend you do not travel this route. If you are not sure on whether to continue playing the round and bet more chips, we advise that you fold.

If you have not put a lot of chips into the round, you are not loosing that much by folding and if you have invested heavily in the round, you probably should not have in the first place and folding now will at least you keep your remaining chips for a round where you have a better chance at winning and could possibly win your chips back.

If you have not put a lot of chips into the round, you are not loosing that much by folding and if you have invested heavily in the round, you probably should not have in the first place and folding now will at least you keep your remaining chips for a round where you have a better chance at winning and could possibly win your chips back.

This strategy is of course only a guide. The true play must reflect how the other players are playing on the table. If the table is extremely tight, like many games are at Full Tilt Poker, you could bet more after the flop in order to steal cheap pots. If you are sitting at a wild table at Pacific Poker or you should bet smaller in hope to catch a better hand. Do not get greedy and follow to the river when you are facing an aggressive wild player in order to catch that hand that will take him/her down, they will eventually come.

Bottom Line: If you are playing Middle Pair, play out the round but do not place too many chips on the hand.

Novice Player Mistakes – Part 2

This is a continuation on common mistakes that beginners make. The two major problems We already addressed, but there are also other common problems that is worth mentioning because of their potency to throw off new poker players.

One of these is the inability to understand and properly calculate pot odds. With the understanding of pot odds, beginners call too many hands that should have gone to the muck or throw away hands by being too conservatives but more than often the former is true. The most common example of this problem is the calling of suited cards.

Many new players associate suited cards to carry the same value as connecting cards. The power of a chance of a flush is much weaker than a high connecting pair such as a JQ or a QK. The chance of getting a flush from suited cards is almost twelve percent, which is not enough to play a hand solely on.

The other large problem with not only new players but more than often with old players is superstition. Poker is a form of gambling and all gambling is a form of luck. There are good streaks of luck and bad streaks of luck.

There is no tangible way to increase or decrease one’s luck so playing with the idea of not wearing socks or a lucky charm is laughable. Knowing this the majority of poker players are still using charms etc, it’s poker!

If the problems mentioned in the last two articles are steered clear off, then you are well on your way of becoming a poker player.

Novice Player Mistakes – Part 1

Continuing with the theme of beginner articles of poker, we feel that we should mention some tips and no-nos when playing poker. These are basic pitfalls that many beginners fall into and end up learning how to play poker improperly.

The first mistake that is commonly made is the over play of hands. All beginners want to play and believe that playing is betting every round and equate betting with playing. So they decide to play most of the hands that are dealt. This often includes hands such as J 4 unsuited, which will more than often doom the player. Learning patience is crucial to poker.

The other very common pitfall is the lack of control of emotions when playing poker. Playing poker will always involve disagreements and anger at the misfortune or luck of others. This cannot and should not sway your choices at the table. A string of bad luck or a malcontent fellow player can not throw off your emotions so much that you make different decisions because not following the logic in your head will lead to doom at the poker table.

By avoiding these two enormous problems that beginners face, you are well on your way to becoming a person who understands the game.