Premier Roulette in Microgaming casinos

Roulette is the game offered in all best rated casinos UK. This highly standardized game doesn’t offer much space for imagination: most variations of Roulette are different with side bets and a number of zero pockets on the wheel. However, the leading online casino software provider Microgaming managed to take old good Roulette game on a completely new level. It has recently introduced a breath-taking Premier Roulette in  Microgaming internet casinos. What’s new and how is it different? You will find out in this article.

Microgaming knows how to attract attention of both experienced gamblers and complete beginners. The first thing that makes Premier Roulette stand out among all other Roulette variations is its graphics. The wheel located in the very centre of the screen is executed in 3D technique that is so fashionable nowadays. We are watching 3D movies and TV shows and can even play our favourite casino games in the 3D mode. 3D wheel looks extremely real that adds on to the general impression.

Premier Roulette

Another important improvement made by Microgaming is two layouts located underneath the reel. You can see the wheel layout to the left and the table layout to the right that simplifies the process of placing wagers helluvalot. If you want to place outside or inside bets, then use the table layout. And if you want to make Red Splits or Black Splits bets or Call Bets, then you’d better use the wheel layout.

Premier Roulette introduced in the best rated casinos UK powered by Microgaming is highly customizable. If you take a look to the left from the spinning wheel, you will see several buttons that allow you to make various adjustments. Video Zoom button allows you to zoom in the winning pocket. Win Details is another important button that will be especially useful for players who are used to making several bets at once. You will be provided with the detailed information for every bet you made including the payout ratio, payout received and bet made. Another thing that you can adjust is the speed of the game: you can choose Normal speed to see the wheel spinning or you can press Turbo speed button to jump directly to the results.

And another thing that we actually liked the most about Premier Roulette by Microgaming is the opportunity to change the colour scheme of the wheel and the table by pressing the Change Table button. There are green, red or blue tables and brown or black wheels available for you to choose from. Everything will depend on your taste only!

Useful Statistics and History sections are located to the right from the wheel. They provide you with information on the amount bet , amount won and the last 9 pockets called ( black and red pockets are separated in different columns). If you click the Statistics button, you will see Statistics screen with more detailed information on spin results, highest wins, outside bets and inside bets.

Premier Roulette is offered in all Microgaming best rated casinos UK, such as Platinum Play, Royal Vegas, 7 Sultans and others. Enjoy!

Reasons to gamble Online

1. You can gamble for free online – This is one of the greatest advantages of playing at an online casino. You get the chance to first sample what the casino has to offer for free, if you like. This is also the best way to learn how to play a game you are not familiar with or to practice strategies you would like to try out.

2. Better Odds than at land based casinos – At any regular land-based casino you would be playing with a payout rate of around 90% to 92% (especially on the slots, the other games offer the same odds). Should you decide to play at an online casino you would be able to play with payout rates of between 95% and 98%. This gives you a better chance of winning and makes you gambling dollar go a lot further.

3. It is convenient and much more affordable – It is always great fun to go to a casino and enjoy some gambling, but with the online casinos you get to enjoy all this with no hassles and for much cheaper. You can play at an online casino whenever you are online, you don’t need to take time of from work, you don’t need to spend lots of money on travel and accommodation… Well we believe you get the idea.

4. Everyone gets comps – Whether you are a VIP or not, you will receive comps when playing at an online casino. First of you will receive great match bonus on your initial deposit and in some cases even free money. You will also receive regular comps if you continue to play at the casino. These comps combined with the money save by not having to travel to a casino, gives you much more gambling for each dollar.

5. Very Secure – If you gamble online, you can be assured of the best security measures you can imagine. The systems typically used by online casinos are of a top notch quality and the latest encryption, the same as the requirements for internet banking companies. As new technologies become available, online casino also continuously updates their security measures to ensure you and your money is in safe hands.

6. Huge Variety – At most online casinos you would be able to play a huge array of casino games. In total there are more than 200+ games on offer now on most popular casino rooms. This includes baccarat, craps, keno, roulette, slots, HUGE progressives, video poker and of course blackjack.

Valentine’s Day presents from UK casinos

Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic and passionate holidays ever. It’s a day of flowers, romantic dinners in the moonlight and million kisses!!! However, if you accidentally don’t have anyone to spend such a beautiful day with, there is no reason to worry! Software providers offer you to enjoy several slot machines based on a theme of love and romance so that you won’t get bored spending this day at home. Today we will tell you about the best Valentine’s Day slots offered this year.

Holding a title of the leading software provider in the whole world, Microgaming releases new slot machines to every remarkable holiday or event. Valentine’s Day is not an exception and this year you can enjoy a brand new Queen of Hearts slot in all Microgaming casinos online.


Queen of Hearts is a very elegant game that welcomes you into the world of sumptuous delights. You will enter a beautiful castle where Queen of Heart lives surrounded by red hearts. Queen herself gives away the highest fixed payout of 1000, what’s more it appears stacked both in the main game and in the free spins. Her little son craving a heart-shaped cookie pays from 60 to 800 coins, Waitresses- from 50 to 600, Cookies- from 25 to 400 and Pot Holders- from 15 to 200. All other symbols are represented with high valued cards.

Queen of Hearts slot is remarkable with its special features. First of all, it has a wild symbol of a game logo that doubles all the payouts. If you are lucky enough to get five Logos on an activated payline, then hurray! An incredible payout of 4 000 will appear right in your pocket. By the way, during the free spins bonus feature, a Logo symbol appears stacked and quadruples your wins!The free spins bonus feature is the second thing you should look out for playing Queen of Hearts in UK online casinos by Microgaming. It’s triggered by 3,4 or 5 symbols of a Crown. 10 free spins is just a beginning as this round is easily retriggerable and you can win up to 2 400 000 thanks to the doubled winnings! Amazing, isn’t it?


Another slot machine that you will certainly enjoy playing in UK online casinos this Valentine’s Day is Dr.Lovemore by Playtech. Dr.Lovemore is a 20 lines video slot with a lovable macho as the main hero. He certainly knows how to seduce women- just look at him!Cool haircut, tiny moustache and awesome pink panties! Among the symbols are bouquets of roses ( from 2 to 200 coins), expensive perfume (from 3 to 300 coins), champagne (from 4 to 400 coins) and women/men signs (from 5 to 500 coins). WildCard is counted as any symbols except for scatters or bonus symbols. An incredible fixed payout of 10 000 is offered for 5 wilds on any active payline! Pants symbols scattered on reels 1 and 5 give 20 free spins with doubled payouts.

By the way, Dr.Lovemore is one of the Dollar Ball games by Playtech. When playing for real money, you can enter the progressive jackpot in the side game. If you guess 4 balls, you receive 1% of a jackpot and if you get all 5 balls right, then you will leave casino with an incredible jackpot!

These are just two out of numerous Valentine’s Day themed slots you can find in UK online casinos. We would also advise you to check out Love Bugs in Cryptologic-powered casinos and Cupid’s Arrow on Vegas Technology gambling sites. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Blackjack Rules

The object of the game is to have a hand closer in a value to 21 than the banker, but not over 21. The hands of the other players have no effect on your bet, other than you take them into account if you are using a card counting strategy.

The values of the cards in Blackjack are as follows –  2-10 face value, picture card 10, ace 1 or 11.

Bets are placed in a circle or square on the table after which each player and the banker are dealt 2 cards, in a shoe game the players cards and the bankers first card are dealt face up. The shoe can contain anywhere from 1 to 6 decks of cards (without jokers) again check before you play the number of cards can affect the odds, plastic marker is inserted about two-thirds of the way from the start when this point is reached the cards are reshuffled. You are not allowed to touch you cards in a shoe game and in a hand held game you may only use one hand (the cards having been dealt face down) and you must keep the cards over the table. After these initial cards have been dealt each player starting with the one to the dealers left in turn plays his hand, the players options are:-

1.    Stand – if the player does not want to to take another card he can stand play then moves on to the next player.
2.    Hit – the player can request one or more further cards to increase his total score if exceeds 21 however he is ‘bust’ and looses.
3.    Double – the rules on doubling vary around the world but some form is usually allowed, to do this you buy a card by placing another bet next to his original of equal value to it, after which you will be dealt another card. Assuming the value of the cards is 21 or less play continues with the other players until a comparison is made with the dealers hand. In British casinos you are usually only allowed to double if your two first cards have a total value of 9, 10 or 11 and not if one of them is an ace, this is partly to prevent a player from making a bad decision, but as stated above rules on doubling do vary around the world in some countries the value of the second bet may be any value up to the original bet.
4.    Splitting – if the first two cards are a pair then the player is allowed to split them into two separate hands and ad another stake equal to the original. Each new hand then receives a second card from the dealer and is then played separately, the players options are as before stand, hit, double or split. Once again there are variations around the world in he USA for example you are usually only allowed to split four times and you may only receive one card on an ace, in Britain you usually may not split fours, fives or tens.

The Dealers actions – the dealer follows a simple set of rules if the value of his hand is sixteen or less he continues to take cards until sixteen is exceeded, if in so doing he exceeds twenty-one he is bust.

Comparison of Hands – after all hands have been played the dealers and each players final hands are compared and bets are paid or collected as shown below:-

•    Bust Hands – all players whose hands exceed 21 loose even if the dealer bust.
•    Blackjacks – if any player has a Blackjack or Natural (21 total with two cards, ace plus picture or ten) then he is paid at odds of three to two unless the dealer also has a Blackjack in which case the bet is a stand-off and only the original stake is returned.
 •    Other Totals – if he dealer went bust then all players with a final total of 21 or less are paid at evens, otherwise the players total is compared with the dealers and if the player has the higher score he wins, if the scores are equal then it is again a stand-off and the players bet is returned.

For more information and tips about this game – visit this blackjack blog today.

Santa Surprise video slot by Playtech

Last days of 2012 is a busy period for all the UK online casinos. Different people spend holidays differently- some of them go out and party till they are dead on their feet while others prefer staying at home and playing their favourite casino games. Omni Casino powered by Playtech will be a perfect destination for you if you belong to the second group of people. Gorgeous design, incredible bonuses, various promos and, certainly, the best Playtech casino games ever. In this article we would like to tell you a bit about the Santa Surprise video slot that creates a magic mood of Christmas and New Year even for people who hate holidays.

Santa Surprise video slot is a very kind and generous game. 5 reels are filled with all the well-known New Year attributes with respective payouts. Cheerful music and bright background will certainly raise your mood once you start spinning the reels. Maximum bet for all 20 pay lines activated equals €10 while the minimum bet can be as low as €0.05.

Santa Surprise video slot

Santa Clause acts as a Wild symbol and promises you some generous gifts from 10 to 10 000 coins. As far as you know, wild symbol can substitute for any other symbols on the reels that is why it is so special. Besides Santa Clause, there are Christmas Tree Bells with a maximum payout of 500 coins for 5 symbols aligned on the active payline, Gift Socks pay from 2 to 400, Christmas Gift reveals payouts from 20 to 200. High Value cards are designed in the framework of the Christmas theme- they are wearing hats and scarfs, have candles and lolly-pops on them.

Santa’s House covered with soft snow is a Scattered Symbol that can appear anywhere regardless of the paylines. If you have two such symbols on the screen, then your payout is doubled. And if you have more (from 3 to 5), then you receive a prize of 10 free games with a 3x multiplier! By the way, Free Spins Bonus is not the only special feature of Santa Surprise video slot. The main surprise is revealed once you have three or more Bonus Symbols on the screen. They are designed as beautiful Christmas Trees and accompanied by Bonus sounds. Christmas Gifts Bonus takes you into the living room with a fireplace and a gorgeous Tree in the middle of the room. 6 Gifts are left under the tree for you. If you have 3 Bonus symbols, then you can pick three gifts, if four-then four, and if five- then five. Every box conceals a cash prize of various amount, so you cannot lose playing this bonus round.

If a Free Spins Feature and Christmas Gifts Bonus rounds are not enough, then you can multiply your winnings playing the Gamble game. Any winning you get spinning the reels can be used as a stake in the gamble feature. You will have to guess the colour of the card on the screen. Is it gonna be black or red? Every right choice will double your stake and every wrong choice will burn it. A double up limit is €50.

Visit Omni Casino right now to enjoy Santa Surprise video slot and many other exciting casino games!

Bogod Snowgirl promo

Bodog is one of the highest payout online casinos licensed in United Kingdom, Costa Rica and Kahnawake. Bodog offers a whole range of gambling products from poker and casino games to sports betting and horse racing sites. In this article we would like to give you one solid reason to visit Bodog casino site this December. Read further!

Bodog is not usually generous when it comes down to casino bonuses and various promos. There is certainly a welcome bonus for newly-registered players and a referral bonus for players who promote this gambling site among friends. That’s why we were so surprised to find the Bodog Snowgirl promotion that runs from December 1 till December 31 with wonderful prizes promised.

Once you press the Bodog Snowgirl promo icon located in the Promotions section of the Bodog gambling site, you will see a gorgeous girl wearing a tiny bikini. Everyone would be happy to invite such a Snowgirl on his/her New Year Party! And the girl is not only beautiful but also generous. Just imagine that she’s giving away $1 000 every day!!!What do you have to do to walk home with pockets full of cash? Almost nothing. Next to the girl you will see a table listing the games offered in Bodog casino. To enter the lucky draw you have to wager at least £10 in a Game of the Day that are all different. If you wager £20 instead of £10, then your chances to win a lucky draw are doubled. The more you wager, the better your chances to win big.

You can see the winners for the first 12 days listed next to the names of the games. Who knows, maybe your name will be the next? As for the games listed, Bodog operators worked really hard to cater to the needs of any gambler. There are such highest payout online casinos slots as Aztec’s Treasure, Cleopatra’s Gold, Witches and Wizards, Goldbeard, Dirty Martini, Caesar’s Empire, Tiger Treasures, Fruit Frenzy offered for slots players. Gamblers who prefer table games can opt for blackjack, Pai Gow Poker, American Roulette, Keno, Craps, Caribbean Hold’em Poker, Tri Card Poker and others. Any variation of Video Poker is chosen as a Game of the Day twice. 24,25 and 31 of December are the days of celebration, therefore, Bodog prepared us a present – wagers in any games will qualify you for the draw.

Are you still hesitating? Then don’t, because Bodog Snowgirl promo is a real gift. You should just register there for a real money account and enjoy a wide range of highest payout online casinos slot machines, table games and progressives.

Santa’s Wild Ride released by Microgaming

Microgaming gambling sites are included in any best online casino directory you can find out there. Even the name of this software developing company signifies the trustworthiness and reliability of a gambling site you are visiting. One of the most lucrative things about Microgaming software package is that it is get updated quite often. For example, Microgaming has never failed to release a brand-new slot machine on the threshold of Christmas celebrations. Deck the Halls slot was launched in 2008, Scrooge video slot was introduced last year and this year we should all check out the incredible Santa’s Wild Ride online slot that offers another prospective on the traditional Christmas theme.

First of all, Santa’s Wild Ride is not a traditional video slot with 20 or 25 lines that you can activate. Paylines are removed to give you even more opportunities to win. You have 243 ways to win that are counted from left to right. Any combination of 3 or more adjacent symbols will pay according to the pay table. By the way, Microgaming software is so convenient that you don’t even have to revisit the Info screen to refresh your memory. You can just click on any symbol to view its payout.

Second, Santa’s Wild Ride crushes our traditional image of Santa Clause who arrives on his sleigh driven by reindeer. Santa created by Microgaming developing team is way too cool to do such trivial things. He wears dark glasses and rides an expensive motorbike (200 coins for 5 symbols)!Mrs. Santa has also changed a lot and looks like a hot girl wearing a helmet (175 coins for 5 symbols). An Elf with a wrench and a drill in his hands helps Santa with his ride (150 coins for 5 symbols). Beer and huge greasy Sandwich (80 coins for 5 symbols each) were added to the traditional Christmas pastries like Tarts and Cookies.

Santa’s Wild Ride logo acts as a Wild symbol that can substitute all the ordinary symbols. What’s more, Santa’s Wild Ride logo also awards a random multiplier when it helps to complete a winning line. You can get 2х,3х or 4х multipliers.

All Christmas-themed slot machines offer several bonus features and Santa’s Wild Ride is not an exception. First of all, there is a Free Gift Bonus. Symbols of Christmas Gifts can emerge randomly on reels 2 and 4. And once you unwrap them, you will get some nice cash prizes. However, the most interesting symbol to look out for is the symbol of Keys. Once you get 3,4 or 5 of them anywhere on the screen, you trigger the Free Spins feature with 2x multiplier. You will be able to pick one of free spins features: Stacked Wilds, Expanding Wilds or Trailing Wild. Whatever option you choose, your payouts will be substantially bigger. The biggest win you can get in the Free Spins round is 1900 000 coins, can you imagine that??

Santa’s Wild Ride video slot allows you to play from 1 to 5 coins with denomination from 0.01 to 0.05. This game is currently available in all the best Microgaming online casino directory sites like Platinum Play Casino or Jackpot City. Let’s rock!!!

Exciting news from Omni Casino

Omni Casino has been operating on the global gambling market for 12 years already. Since 1997, this casino has always surprised us with quality casino games, fascinating promotions and contests. October is going to be a hot month according to the Omni Times, newsletter issued by this casino operator. Most of the promotions are dated to the Halloween that is just around the corner. Are you intrigued?Then read further to find out what is waiting for you in this reputable Playtech-powered casino online.

The first thing that British players will be able to appreciate by visiting Omni Casino online next week is the Mystery Bonuses promotion announced by the gambling site. The name of this promotion speaks for itself. No information about thee bonuses that you will be able to receive next week is revealed. Compete mystery! However, we already know that new bonuses will be offered every single day from the 18th of October till 21st of October. According to the Omni Times, bonuses can be changed even several times a day, so it is worth visiting the site as often as you can. There is no certain information of the types of bonuses, however there are thoughts that they will include 300% deposit match bonuses, no-deposit bonuses up to $5 and many other great offers. Just visit Omni casino online in the promotion period and reveal the mystery!

Another exciting news is a non-wagering contest dated to the fest of Halloween. What is the main attribute of this holiday? A pumpkin, of course! Visitors of the Omni Casino online will be able to show off their carving talents in the Pumpkin Contest organized by Omni Casino. The only thing you have to do to gain much popularity and nice prizes is to carve an Omni Casino logo or other casino-related symbol on a pumpkin. Then you take a nice and creative picture of it on the background of Omni Casino software and send this photo to the contest organizers. Hurry up! The deadline for this competition is November 1, so you have less than two weeks to express your creativity! The best photos will be displayed on the main page of Omni Casino online website. Winners will be determined by voting among Omni gamblers. First four participants will receive nice monetary prizes. $300 for the first place, $200 for the second place, $100 for the third place and $50 for the fourth place. Good luck!

But let’s go back to gambling. Do you know that playing in Omni Casino you can win money just for wagering? Sounds incredible, but it’s possible thanks to the Hot Seat promotion that was named the best promotion in Omni Casino whatsoever. You warm your seat by playing most casino games offered in Omni Casino. You receive one point for each of the qualifying days. After 6 days played your place becomes Chilly and you are guaranteed to win $/€/£15. After 7-11 days it becomes Warming ( $/€/£40), after 12-17 days it gets Warmer ($/€/£105), after 18-22 it becomes Toasty ($/€/£ 215), then Hot ( $/€/£330) and finally Jackpot Hot after 28 days of playing and more. Jackpot hot place awards you with $/€/£500 of real money! No wagering requirements are applied.

‘Fang-tastic’ promo at Virgin Casino

Virgin Casino is traditionally powered by WagerWorks software. However, the palette of Virgin Casino games has been recently enriched by Microgaming games available via the independent QuickFire gambling platform. If you are willing to enjoy the expanded assortment of Virgin Casino, then the last week of October will be the perfect timing. The thing is that Virgin Casino, as most others UK online gambling sites, offers an exciting Halloween promo with ‘fang-tastic’ bonuses.

Halloween is all about tricks and treats. ‘Fang-tastic’ promo in Virgin Casino offers you an incredible chance to be either ‘treated’ or ‘tricked’. Everything will depend on your luck only. What you have to do to participate in the promo is to wager £50 in one of the fang-tastic slot machines offered by Virgin Casino from October 25 till October 31. You have the whole week to enjoy the Bitten slot machine released by WagerWorks last month and the Osbournes video slot provided though the Microgaming platform. That is the only qualification requirement set by this UK online gambling site operators. All the players that qualify for the promo will share different prize pools. A half of the players will share a real money prize of £2000. Another half of qualifying gamblers will share another prize pool of 2000 V-points. Winners of every prize pool will be determined randomly once the promo is over. Every player will get an equal share.

Okay, everything is clear with the £2000 prize, but what can you do with 2000 V-points? As the matter of fact, V-points is the name for loyalty points introduced by Virgin Casino operators. They are usually availed for wagers in various casino games on a gambling site. For example, for £100 wagered in blackjack you get 5 such loyalty points while the same amount wagered in slot machines gives you 10 V-points. V-points can be redeemed for cash or exchanged for other benefits explained on the Virgin Casino website. You can exchange them for Flying Club miles, Virgin Vouchers, Virgin Experiences and so on.

Keep in mind, that the ‘fang-tastic’ promo is not available for newly registered players who are eligible for the £100 welcome bonus. Now let’s look at the online slot machines chosen for this Halloween promo. The first of them is the Bitten slot machine that is one of the latest additions to the Virgin Casino games suite. This is a vampire-themed video slot with all the up-to-date functionality. Logo of the Bitten game with a beautiful vampiress on it is a wild symbol that substitutes other symbols and avails payouts up to 250 credits. Scatter symbols trigger a free spins bonus round with up to 20 free games. The Osbournes video slot gives you an opportunity to visit a family nest of Ozzy Osbourne, a notorious rock singer. Random Grab a Gift bonus feature with up to 30x multiplier, Knock Knock Bonus with mini-triggers where you can win up to 100 000 coins and free spins feature with 10 free spins make the whole experience really fantastic. Payouts in the main game cannot be called disappointing as well. Enjoy both these slot machines and participate in the ‘Fang-tastic’ promotion by Virgin Casino.

Aggravating news for UK gambling companies

Independent British territory of Gibraltar will soon lose its special status in the world of European gambling. As far as you may know, Gibraltar has always been the most lucrative base for numerous UK internet gambling companies due to its low taxes. 1% was absolutely nothing compare to 15% gross income tax in the United Kingdom and other European countries. However, everything will change drastically next year. Tax rate for all gambling-related companies will equal 10% starting from January,2011. Why is it happening and who is gonna suffer from such an increase? Let’s find out more about Gibraltar new gambling laws below.

Issuing of internet gambling licenses is the major source of income for tiny Gibraltar. Gibraltar Regulatory Authority issued licenses to such prominent and well-known gambling operators as Ladbrokes, Belle Rock Entertainment, 888 Holdings, Victor Chandler and Party Gaming. 1% tax rate brought over €12 million to the Gibraltar budget in 2009. Gambling companies based in Gibraltar were successful even in the hard times of economic recession due to the tiny tax rate of 1%.

Such situation satisfied everyone actually except for the governmental bodies. Gibraltar could attract more and more businesses that paid taxes and companies could operate legally paying the lowest rate ever. However, it turned out that such a low taxation doesn’t comply with European Union laws. According to them, any industry in EU countries should be taxed at a comparable rate. 1% was too low compare to all other European Countries where the gambling tax exceeded the record of 10%. Sounds strange,right? Looks like European Union doesn’t respect the principles of a competitive free market that allows customers to obtain goods for lower prices.

Whatever the reasons of such a decision, UK internet gambling companies will certainly be the first to suffer from it. However, according to the statements made by their representatives, nobody is willing to relocate. Even the elevated 10% tax is better than 15% gross income tax in Great Britain, an what’s more, Gibraltar is not going to introduce VAT there despite of all the pressure.

Gibraltar economy is also likely to suffer from the tax increase. Right now, this tiny island can boast the lowest unemployment rate of 2% compare to 21% in the neighboring Spain. Increase of the gambling tax will mean less profits for companies and, therefore, personnel reduction. Thousand of Gibraltar citizens will become jobless because of the strange European Union demand.

UK internet gambling companies licensed in Cyprus will also experience certain difficulties. The problem is that Cypriot government tries to ban internet gambling altogether and this document is currently reviewed by European Commission. Such talks were followed by thorough investigation of all income reports submitted by gambling companies. And we can only hope that all these changes will not effect online players in any way. Read our site to be tuned of all the latest events in the gambling universe.