Why do Brits Love the Sunshine?

When living in Britain the weather can take a turn at any moment, one moment you are basking in the sunshine, the next you are dancing in the rain. Of course, it could stop almost instantly and you could be seeing some sunshine for a few seconds or vice versa. In this article, we will discuss why Brits love the sunshine. If you are interested, make sure you keep reading this article.

Lack Of Sun

When it comes to living in Britain, it is not always sunny and as a result, people in Britain tend to travel abroad a lot more to get some sun. When it is sunny in Britain, people try to make the most of it because it is not sunny very often. As a result, you will see a lot of people heading out to the beach for the day and you will see parks that are not usually busy almost packed full, as the saying goes ‘when it is sunny at home, there is no reason to go abroad’. After all, if you go abroad will you be able to find fish and chips, amusement arcades and bingo?


Another reason why Brits love the sunshine is that it means there is an opportunity to get the barbecue out for some tasty meals. In Britain, you will not be able to use a barbecue as often as you could in other places around the world that get to see a lot more sun. Barbecues are fantastic when the weather is sunny because it means you can invite friends and family over and cook some food in a way that you wouldn’t cook before. Barbecues are suitable for all the family because who doesn’t love a barbecue?

Family Fun

Brits also love the sunshine because it means that family and friends can go out and have some fun. When the weather isn’t great, it can put you off doing a lot of things and being outdoors. However, when it is sunny, it gives you the chance to spend some time with your family and have some family fun. When it is sunny, there are many family fun activities that you can choose from which include; going to the park, heading off to the beach or to have a picnic to sit and enjoy the sunny weather. It is important to remember that if you are going to go out and have some family fun, that you get up and head out as early as you can because a lot of other people will have the same idea as you.

Time to Tan

Another reason why Brits love the sunshine is that it gives people in Britain a chance to catch a tan and soak up some sun. You will find in the hot weather; a lot of families go to the beach or a park or even sit in the garden for a chance to catch some sun and get a tan.

Perfect Time For Ice Cream

What better way to enjoy the sun than with some delicious ice cream? Now you know the reasons why Brits love the sunshine so, keep this article in mind and share it with others if you found it interesting.