If you play online bingo then you probably have a few unanswered questions lurking around in your mind about what happens when you win the bingo jackpot, how long it will take for your bingo winnings to reach you and also whether there are any hidden sur-charges or nasty bingo surprises. If you play on a well known online bingo site then you probably wont be affected by the later of these things but it is a good idea to check it out first. Here are some of them most common questions bingo players have about online bingo winnings:

How many days will I have to wait until I receive my winnings?

The amount of time you will have to wait until you receive any winnings you have won from playing online bingo differs from site to site.

Having said that, the majority of legitimate bingo sites will place your winnings into your account in 48 hours or less.

Bare in mind that if you won a large bingo jackpot this process could take a little more time because the site will need to double check things with you the winning bingo player.

Will I have to pay charges when I withdraw funds form my account?

Much like paypal some online bingo sites charge a small handling fee when you withdraw your bingo winnings from your members account.

What happens to my bonus bingo credits if I withdraw money from my account?

There is a wide difference from bingo site to bingo site when it comes to bonus bingo points with some sites removing all bonus points earned when a player withdraws. Other bingo sites only take away half of the bonus points leaving the other half in the players account.

Read the rules of the specific site you are playing on to find out the exact figures.

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