Do you always check the pay table before you sit down to play a slot game in a mobile casino? I have to admit that it’s a step I’ve been known to skip, but a pay table can contain information that you need to know. First, the paytable will tell you what the pay out is for each symbol and how many of those symbols you need to hit before you win any sort of money. Sometimes it’s as few as two symbols in a row for a small pay out. The pay table will also tell you what the highest payout is and if there’s a jackpot involved. I’ve learned to look at this after playing a game that seemed to let me win frequently but where there really wasn’t a high paying symbol. A rarity in slot games, but something I wanted to know.

paytable slots

The paytable will also tell you if the game has bonus games and how the game is triggered. This can be important if you like bonus games because it can help tell you just how difficult those are going to be to trigger. Getting four of the same symbol on an active payline is going to take more spins than hitting three scatter symbols anywhere. And symbols that only show up on a couple paylines will take longer to hit. So, give that some thought. Also the paytable will give you a brief description of the bonus games. I’ve discovered one slot game where the free spin payout is 1 to 3 free spins. Something I want to know when another game starts at 10 free spins.

While the paytable does tell you what you need to know to figure out if you’ve just made a winning spin, games these days are programmed to know that for you and give you the appropriate payout. But if you think for any reason that you’ve been paid incorrectly or not paid for a winning spin, you want to contact the casino support folks, either online or in person in a live casino, before you spin again. And check that paytable carefully to make sure you know what the winnings are.

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