Continuing with the theme of beginner articles of poker, we feel that we should mention some tips and no-nos when playing poker. These are basic pitfalls that many beginners fall into and end up learning how to play poker improperly.

The first mistake that is commonly made is the over play of hands. All beginners want to play and believe that playing is betting every round and equate betting with playing. So they decide to play most of the hands that are dealt. This often includes hands such as J 4 unsuited, which will more than often doom the player. Learning patience is crucial to poker.

The other very common pitfall is the lack of control of emotions when playing poker. Playing poker will always involve disagreements and anger at the misfortune or luck of others. This cannot and should not sway your choices at the table. A string of bad luck or a malcontent fellow player can not throw off your emotions so much that you make different decisions because not following the logic in your head will lead to doom at the poker table.

By avoiding these two enormous problems that beginners face, you are well on your way to becoming a person who understands the game.

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