This is a continuation on common mistakes that beginners make. The two major problems We already addressed, but there are also other common problems that is worth mentioning because of their potency to throw off new poker players.

One of these is the inability to understand and properly calculate pot odds. With the understanding of pot odds, beginners call too many hands that should have gone to the muck or throw away hands by being too conservatives but more than often the former is true. The most common example of this problem is the calling of suited cards.

Many new players associate suited cards to carry the same value as connecting cards. The power of a chance of a flush is much weaker than a high connecting pair such as a JQ or a QK. The chance of getting a flush from suited cards is almost twelve percent, which is not enough to play a hand solely on.

The other large problem with not only new players but more than often with old players is superstition. Poker is a form of gambling and all gambling is a form of luck. There are good streaks of luck and bad streaks of luck.

There is no tangible way to increase or decrease one’s luck so playing with the idea of not wearing socks or a lucky charm is laughable. Knowing this the majority of poker players are still using charms etc, it’s poker!

If the problems mentioned in the last two articles are steered clear off, then you are well on your way of becoming a poker player.

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