Do you play slot games at a live casino and at UK Slot Sites? If so, do you manage your bankrolls differently? It’s an important aspect of gambling that some people don’t consider early enough in their gambling journey, so I want to take a look at some important differences that can determine how you manage your money.

casino bankroll

I only make it to a live casino every three or four months. This is mainly because the nearest live casino is about a 2 hour drive from me and with the current price of gas, I just don’t want to make that drive more often. But it this doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy playing slots in a live casino. It just means I’d play more often if the casino were closer or the gas prices lower. But right now, I want to take a look at my bankroll decision when I drive to play. Since I know I’m spending time and money to get there, I only want to visit a live casino when I have a bankroll in mind that makes it worth spending at least an entire night on the casino floor. So, I’m taking what might be a three month allotment of money to play with. Oh, I don’t want to lose it all, but I also don’t want to drive to hours only to play an hour and need to head home.  Many experienced gamblers work the same way. It may seem that they walk into the casino with a hefty bankroll, but that may be six months worth of playing money.

The online casino environment is completely different. Here I can log on for fifteen minutes during the day or check back in an hour when I have some down time to play. So, when it comes to online play, my goal is to stretch my playing money to make it last as long as I can. I may do this by making a single monthly deposit which will be my only playing money for that month. If I spend it all, I can’t play until I make the next month’s deposit. This strict management is needed because it is so easy to access an online casino. Unlike the live casino where once I drive home, I can’t play until I earn more money, an online casino is always waiting for me. It’s a great thing because honestly, I can play for a month on less money than I spend on gas getting to and from the live casino, but it does bring the responsibility of taking care of my bankroll. But I do have a secret. When I’ve run out of online gambling money, I can always pop over to any popular casino and play some free online games.

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