Roulette is the game offered in all best rated casinos UK. This highly standardized game doesn’t offer much space for imagination: most variations of Roulette are different with side bets and a number of zero pockets on the wheel. However, the leading online casino software provider Microgaming managed to take old good Roulette game on a completely new level. It has recently introduced a breath-taking Premier Roulette in  Microgaming internet casinos. What’s new and how is it different? You will find out in this article.

Microgaming knows how to attract attention of both experienced gamblers and complete beginners. The first thing that makes Premier Roulette stand out among all other Roulette variations is its graphics. The wheel located in the very centre of the screen is executed in 3D technique that is so fashionable nowadays. We are watching 3D movies and TV shows and can even play our favourite casino games in the 3D mode. 3D wheel looks extremely real that adds on to the general impression.

Premier Roulette

Another important improvement made by Microgaming is two layouts located underneath the reel. You can see the wheel layout to the left and the table layout to the right that simplifies the process of placing wagers helluvalot. If you want to place outside or inside bets, then use the table layout. And if you want to make Red Splits or Black Splits bets or Call Bets, then you’d better use the wheel layout.

Premier Roulette introduced in the best rated casinos UK powered by Microgaming is highly customizable. If you take a look to the left from the spinning wheel, you will see several buttons that allow you to make various adjustments. Video Zoom button allows you to zoom in the winning pocket. Win Details is another important button that will be especially useful for players who are used to making several bets at once. You will be provided with the detailed information for every bet you made including the payout ratio, payout received and bet made. Another thing that you can adjust is the speed of the game: you can choose Normal speed to see the wheel spinning or you can press Turbo speed button to jump directly to the results.

And another thing that we actually liked the most about Premier Roulette by Microgaming is the opportunity to change the colour scheme of the wheel and the table by pressing the Change Table button. There are green, red or blue tables and brown or black wheels available for you to choose from. Everything will depend on your taste only!

Useful Statistics and History sections are located to the right from the wheel. They provide you with information on the amount bet , amount won and the last 9 pockets called ( black and red pockets are separated in different columns). If you click the Statistics button, you will see Statistics screen with more detailed information on spin results, highest wins, outside bets and inside bets.

Premier Roulette is offered in all Microgaming best rated casinos UK, such as Platinum Play, Royal Vegas, 7 Sultans and others. Enjoy!

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