1. You can gamble for free online – This is one of the greatest advantages of playing at an online casino. You get the chance to first sample what the casino has to offer for free, if you like. This is also the best way to learn how to play a game you are not familiar with or to practice strategies you would like to try out.

2. Better Odds than at land based casinos – At any regular land-based casino you would be playing with a payout rate of around 90% to 92% (especially on the slots, the other games offer the same odds). Should you decide to play at an online casino you would be able to play with payout rates of between 95% and 98%. This gives you a better chance of winning and makes you gambling dollar go a lot further.

3. It is convenient and much more affordable – It is always great fun to go to a casino and enjoy some gambling, but with the online casinos you get to enjoy all this with no hassles and for much cheaper. You can play at an online casino whenever you are online, you don’t need to take time of from work, you don’t need to spend lots of money on travel and accommodation… Well we believe you get the idea.

4. Everyone gets comps – Whether you are a VIP or not, you will receive comps when playing at an online casino. First of you will receive great match bonus on your initial deposit and in some cases even free money. You will also receive regular comps if you continue to play at the casino. These comps combined with the money save by not having to travel to a casino, gives you much more gambling for each dollar.

5. Very Secure – If you gamble online, you can be assured of the best security measures you can imagine. The systems typically used by online casinos are of a top notch quality and the latest encryption, the same as the requirements for internet banking companies. As new technologies become available, online casino also continuously updates their security measures to ensure you and your money is in safe hands.

6. Huge Variety – At most online casinos you would be able to play a huge array of casino games. In total there are more than 200+ games on offer now on most popular casino rooms. This includes baccarat, craps, keno, roulette, slots, HUGE progressives, video poker and of course blackjack.

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