For more than three centuries, people have enjoyed playing the betting game roulette. It originated in Paris, as the name derived from French suggests. However, the roulette game is now played in casinos all over the world. The basics of the game involve a wheel or table split into numbered sections. Players place a bet that a ball will land on a specific number, a combination or numbers or a color.

Over the years, roulette has evolved. The game now has 38 numbered pockets in the American Verizon, while the French version has one less pocket. The French version lacks the 00 pocket, which the American version of roulette includes. A variety of house rules also makes for different experiences during gameplay for fans.


A less-common version if the German Bauernroulette, which uses a wooden board and was once enjoyed by peasants rather than the aristocracy. It’s simpler than the French counterpart. In this unique take on the game, balls are placed on the board, which has pockets. Rounds begin when a spinning top moves around the board in an attempt to push the balls into the various holes. Eight holes in the center are known as bowls, while four larger cutouts on either corner are known as hollows. Players earn points by pushing the balls into the bowls and hollows.

This version doesn’t require betting. Instead, the color and position allots points, the follows provide the most points, and participants will play until they reach an agreed upon point value. Games commonly end at 1,000 points, but the game is flexible for players who want to play longer or who don’t have as much time to play. Playing for points rather than money makes Bauernroulette more accessible to a wider audience, which is why it became popular.

In the modern age, some people only know roulette as a shot drinking game, while others have only played virtual versions like the one available on Virgin Games. While players might be sitting at their computers, they’ll feel like they’re in the middle of a casino or playing with friends. For example, 3D Roulette puts a player in front of the table and wheel, allowing them to make the traditional roulette bets. Animation and bright colors help players feel like they’re in the middle of a game.’s 3D Roulette allows bets from .10 to 500 pounds, and players can make bet one, two or more numbers. Odd numbers, even numbers, and column bets are also available on this online game, so players will never grow bored of playing roulette. These wagers pay out real money to players who have made a deposit to Virgin Games. Roulette is one game that’s easy enough to learn while playing, so even newbies can have fun while placing bets, proving that roulette truly is a fun timel

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