If you are into simple casino games, then Casino War in online casinos for UK players is exactly what you are looking for. You probably remember the game called ‘Battle’ that we all used to play being kids? Well, Casino War is basically the very same game that requires only one talent- an ability to count. Detailed description of the rules of this easy game with differences employed in various online casinos is offered below.

The whole game starts once you place a wager. Both you and a dealer will be dealt one card face up. Every card in a standard 52 cards deck has its own value. 2 is the lowest card and Ace is the highest ranked card with a value of 14. If your card is higher than a dealer’s card, then you win a certain payout. If your card is lower, then you consequently lose your entry fee. However, the most fascinating part of Casino War online starts when both you and a dealer have cards of the same ranks. For example, you both have Kings. Such a situation is called a tie. Tie situation is regulated with different rules depending on which casino software you are playing. Cryptologic and Microgaming software has a different set of rules than online casinos for UK players powered by Vegas Technology and RTG, for instance.

Rules of Casino War

In Cryptologic and Microgaming internet casinos players can place not only the ante bet but also an independent tie bet. Independent tie bet pays 10 to 1 in a situation when both your and a dealer’s first card is of the same rank. Once a tie situation is registered, a player is to make an important choice. He can go to war or surrender. The surrender alternative lets you get the half of your ante wager back without placing any additional bets. If you decide to go to war, then you will have to raise the bet by doubling the ante wager. Once you double the bet, both you and a dealer is dealt the second card after burning three cards in a deck. If the player wins on the 2nd card, then the payout is 2 to 1 on the ante wager while the raise wager is pushed.

As for the edges of various options in Casino War in Microgaming and Cryptologic online casinos for UK players, casino edge for a tie bet is about 18% that’s quite a lot actually. Surrender option includes 3,7% of casino edge while raising option is slightly more profitable- just 2,9% edge.

Considering the high casino edge of tie bets, some online casinos don’t offer such an option for gamblers. For example, RTG and Vegas Technology Casino War games are peculiar for the absence of a tie bet option. That can hardly be called a disadvantage though, as this bet is the less profitable for online casino players. Another interesting difference in the bets and payouts is that gambler receives a payout equal to the ante wager after the 1st tie. The payout doesn’t depend on whether you win because you had a second card of a higher value or there was another tie in a row.

Simple rules, dynamic game play and multi-hands opportunity- that’s what gives Casino War offered in online casinos for UK players its irresistible attraction!

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