Here are the top 5 slots tips every new or experienced player should know. By taking full advantage of these tips, slots will be a lot more enjoyable of an experience.

  • Choose safety first. This is among the most important tips. Slots can be fun, but they should also be a safe experience. Before signing up for online casinos, make sure they hold valid licenses and use certified means for your online transactions. If you are not comfortable giving your debit or credit card number online, choose a site, which allows e-wallets or other similar deposit methods, such as Paysafe or Paypal.


  • Set your budget. Before you even begin to play, you need to have the correct intentions. That is, making fun your number one priority. Everything else is an added bonus to the game. Don’t place unrealistic expectations on your bets. Know how much you can afford to play with and potentially lose. Trust your gut and use your common sense. In addition, stretch out your bets so that they last longer. Remember that with most slots games, the more reels you play, the higher the chance that you might hit that jackpot.
  • Trust your luck. There might be people out there, which claim that they hold the “secret” to winning in online slots. The Internet is abundant in slots tips. However, trusting your luck is one of the best tips. Slots are a luck-based game. There are no techniques or tricks. Slot machines are straightforward for the most part and, best of all, they are all programmed to turn out random reels.
  • Make the best out of casino bonus offers. This is one of the most valuable slots tips to follow in order to maximise your chances to win. Most casino games offer bonuses. We suggest that you get yourself familiar with these bonus schemes, as they might sometimes be useful when you are after a big jackpot. Therefore, do your research and get to know all conditions that apply. Bonus shemes might include sign-up bonuses, deposit match-ups, double-ups and other incentives. Sign-up bonuses are paid to new members only.Therefore, it might be a good idea to sign up for more than one trusted online casinos to take advantage of each individual bonus. These are usually given after you place your first deposit. The casino might also choose to match up your first, second –and even up to fifth – deposit. Be wise when you use the free cash that you are offered. Don’t just place it all on one bet. Use it to explore different games to see which one you might like best. The more games you get to know, the more enjoyable your experience will be. Other bonuses offer limited-time free spins. These are also there for you to explore a wide variety of slots.
  • Chase the wins, not the losses. If you are going through a phase where you have been scoring repeated wins on a particular slots game, you may choose to increase your bets to take advantage. If, however, you seem to be continuously losing at a slots game, lower your bets or switch to a different game. Don’t try to compensate for or recover the money you have already lost.

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