What Are Video Pokies?

Due to their increased popularity, many speculate that the next big thing in the world of online casinos is the variety of video pokies Australia has to offer. Almost all casinos have a wide selection of video pokie games.

Unlike classic pokies, which, as we already discussed, have three reels and one winning line, video pokies typically have better, brighter graphics and five reels that offer multiple winning options. For most classic pokies with three reels, the player wins if and only if they hit a winning combination in the middle line. Some newer machines may offer winnings in up to nine different combinations. But these winning chances are very limiting when compared to the world of five-reel video pokie. Australia has online casinos that may pay in up to 1024 ways per hit! Therefore, with more lines and more winning combinations, video pokies have a serious competitive advantage before classic pokies.

Video Pokies

In addition to maximising your chances of success through a higher number of winning combinations, most online video pokies Australia offers let you win back at least a portion of your bet with each spin. How does that work? It’s simple. If you bet 30 coins on all 30 lines of the game, and three matching symbols fall in one line, then you might win back a small portion of your initial 30-coin bet. This flexibility allows you to place more bets and play longer. As a comparison, most classic pokies are all-or-nothing games, meaning that you either win all your money back, or you lose them all. This advantage of video pokie games makes them a favourite among pros and novices alike.

And last, but not least, most video pokies offer attractive bonuses. They are pre-programmed in such a way that when players spin a certain combination of different symbols, they get money back.

Are Video Pokies Safe?

Just like their classic counterparts, video pokies are a safe way to have fun. All your payment transactions go through sophisticated encryption technology, which protects your data from hackers and possible identity theft.

Can You Increase Your Odds of Winning?

Unfortunately, much like classic and free pokies, video pokies aren’t predictable. There is no set strategy to tell whether the game or the reel you choose can bring in the moolah. Some pokie enthusiasts argue that video pokie games go through “hot” and “cold” cycles, during which they either give out money more easily or keep the cash in. Some speculations even go as far as to state that you can predict when your game is on a roll and keep placing bets on it, and when it’s cold and move to another game.

To this, we suggest you use your common sense. You never know when the video pokie game will let the cash out, so consistency may pay off. On the other hand, if you see that a game is continuously taking your money and not paying out, don’t be stubborn and just sit there hoping to compensate for your losses. Change the game. You’ll have more fun and you might just win some money to go with it.

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